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Graha Bina Nayaka Certification Agency


Certification in the hospitality industry is necessary as it’s affected the development of tourism in all aspects. Graha Bina Nayaka Certification Agency is an independent institute which has been authorized by the government to certify the business on tourism sector based on the laws and regulations in Indonesia.

The establishment of Graha Bina Nayaka Certification Agency has been based on Government Regulation No. 52 of 2012 on Business Certification in Tourism Sector, and based on the Regulation of Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy No. 7 of 2014 regarding organizing the tourism business certification.

Our Goal

By conducting an audit before certifying a certain tourism business for its products, services and management, Graha Bina Nayaka contributes significantly in maintaining the growth of the Indonesian tourism. In the long term, the goal of the agency is to become a prominent certification agency in Indonesian hospitality industry with reputable track record.