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Sisila Magazine


Published by Puri Group, SISILA Magazine is set to be the leading digital publication for affluent men of today. The magazine boasts rich interactive content experience around the dynamic world of high-earning businessmen and executives, providing tons of entertainment as well as excitement in digital form for readers, and innovative possibilities for advertisers.

Every edition features different sexy female models on the cover as well as behind-the-scene videos of SISILA Magazine’s sexy models photo sessions. Articles and stories of interest to men are given a fresh angle, such as politics, famous personalities, as well as men’s style, wellness and grooming, culinary, wheels, gadgets, sports and travel.

The Sensual lifestyle

SISILA Magazine has a number of primary sections. “Sensual” presents the cover story where the sensational profile of the cover model and her quotes are featured. “Dunia Lelaki” or “Men’s World” is filled with compelling reports on world’s major events and insightful stories on famous figures, such as war criminals and tank collectors among others.

“Sisi” features more sexy models and their profile stories as well as their quotes. “Spa” pages feature information and tips on men’s grooming and wellness, to help the readers to be healthy and to obtain a more appealing look. “Sosok” features inspiring and successful male entrepreneurs and business leaders of today

“Kuliner” pages present various articles on food and beverage at Puri Group’s outlets including Delta Spa as well as the group’s hotels and restaurants. “Gaya” is the magazine’s lifestyle section where various premium male products are featured including cigars, whiskeys and wine just to name a few

Millenials News

SISILA Magazine’s secondary sections include “Reportase”, “Teropong”, “Arena”, “Oto” and “Destinasi”. “Reportase” is filled with the latest news on lifestyle. Meanwhile, “Teropong” presents useful tips and opinions regarding the latest gadget and technology as well as film, music and book reviews.

“Arena” features many famous phenomena in the sport world. “Oto” is an eye-opening section that features insightful reviews on cars as well as car communities. “Destinasi” is SISILA Magazine’s travel section, filled with stories on world’s most luxurious leisure destinations.