The Banjar Bali

the banjar bali


The Banjar Bali is a fast-growing and highly profitable hospitality establishment that occupies an expansive 7,665 square meters of land within the heart of Bali’s most dynamic Kuta district. The quiet, serene complex of The Banjar Bali boasts 20,000 square meters floor area and stores diverse luxury recreational activities for the island’s vacationers.

How We Grow

In partnership with tour and travel companies, The Banjar has been gradually established and designed to be one of Bali’s leading one-stop entertainment and shopping destinations for local and foreign travelers.

The beginning of The Banjar Bali was marked by the opening of Puri Handayani, the island’s largest spa facility, and “All You Can Eat” Asian restaurant, Abians, within The Banjar’s complex. Since its opening, Puri Handayani Spa has grown rapidly enjoying an increased popularity among foreign tourists with growing numbers of visitors each year.

Meanwhile, Abians quickly became a high-profit culinary venture with a steady increase in traffic and popularity among foreign visitors for serving popular Asian cuisine within Indonesian-inspired contemporary chic ambience. Abians did not take long to develop reputable brand and prominent position within Bali’s competitive dining scene.

Born of The Peken Gemstore

The opening of Peken Gemstone Center in 2015 marked the next phase of the development of The Banjar Bali. In response to the rising global interest in gemstone collecting, Peken provides tourists rare opportunity to own authentic semi precious and precious stones through guaranteed fair trades.

Most of Peken’s gemstones are obtained in Indonesia, whereas some of them are very fine specimens that are popular internationally including Rubies ,Blue Sapphires, and Opals just to name a few. Many of these gemstones are offered in the form of jewelry in excitingly reasonable prices. Boasting spacious and elegant store ambience, Peken is on the way to come up trumps.

The Banjar Hotel

The Banjar Bali continuously seeks to explore other promising opportunities for growth. Therefore, careful planning and preparation have been made for the construction of a new edifice within The Banjar Bali compound, which will be turn into a modern Balinese 4-star hotel named “The Banjar Hotel”

The hotel will have 103 guest rooms and will be opened in 2016. With the hotel opening, the “one-stop” concept of The Banjar Bali will be completed. The Banjar Bali will be one of the most preferred convenient leisure destinations in Bali that has a hotel where avid travelers can stay, a culinary haven to pamper curious palates, a spa that offers exotic wellness solutions and a souvenir shop that will always be sought after by tourists.