The Banjar Bali

Wana Arta Purna Perkasa


Wana Arta Purna Perkasa is established in Ciawi-Bogor, West Java, with a mission to help Puri Group to maintain production and service quality in every subsidiary by giving classes and trainings for future employees. The training center recruited, taught and trained Puri Group’s future employees, to make sure that they could meet the company’s qualifications, as operational staff members or therapists

The training center produces work ready individuals who possess necessary qualities to thrive the hospitality industry with Puri Group, including loyalty, good attitude, extensive knowledge and a strong work ethic. In the long term, with the support of Wana Arta Purna Perkasa Training Center, Puri Group works towards the alleviation of unemployment in Indonesia.

What We Have

Wana Arta Purna Perkasa Training Center is facilitated with an Administrator Room, Study Room, Housing for employees, Function Room, Sporting Facilities as well as Practice Rooms for each business division including massage, kitchen, bar and karaoke.