• Since 1999
  • +20 Branches
  • +10 Bussiness Unit

Puri Group is a holding company with a large number of subsidiaries. Underlying The business of Puri Group is a dream to become a leading player in the fast-growing Asian hospitality industry, offering discerning customer the ever-popular concept of one-stop shopping and entertainment.

During all these years, Puri Group has thrived in the wellness and entertainment sectors with two of its legendary brands, Delta SPA and Galaxi. Puri Group has enjoyed significant growth in these sectors with the support of its subsidiaries, including Wana Arta Purna Perkasa Training Center, where future employees are taught and trained to meet company's standart, as well as Graha Bina Nayaka Certification Agency that has provided both brands with guidance to operate based on goverment-approved hospitality standards.